Currently: September 2016

 I talk a lot about where and how we make and spend our money because the “budget” is a big part of our current life. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten love, the other half of the equation, so as a reminder I’m sharing a bit about the current loves in our life.

Current Schedule: Still busy. We’re both clocking 50-60 hour weeks on somewhat opposite schedules. I’m actually juggling 1 full-time and 3 part-time jobs right now (call me crazy) which has made keeping on top of my planner essential.

 Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 8.48.34 PM.png

I’ve been working longer weekend shifts which actually translates to a night off almost every other weekend so we’ve been able to see a little more of each other.

Current Book: I have a stack on my nightstand at the moment. Modern Romance by Aziz Anzari has been getting the most attention (and rightfully so because it’s a fantastic read). I’ve been keeping my eyes on the screen, and probably spending a little too much time with all different types of media. I hopes to start reading more books on home improvements and general house maintenance to start preparing for this house ownership duties. 

Current Triumphs: I have two. Surviving our 5-mile (turned 9-mile) hike last weekend without killing each other and keeping on track with my fitness goals as I settle into my new work schedule.img_3030
I have figured out how to beat rush hour traffic… Either you go into work a little later in the morning, and leave later, or you drive to a nearby forest preserve and run run/walk for 40 minutes and wait for traffic to die down. Exercise = Better than going crazy in traffic. 

Current Drink: I’ve been keeping up my daily La Croix intake as well as enjoying a glass (or two) of wine on the weekends.screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-49-29-pm

I’ve been keeping my ice water consumption on point. But occasionally I like to indulge in strong hard cider like Smith & Forge. 

Current Excitement: House Hunting! While we’ve put off starting serious looking until after the holidays (since we’re planning to buy in the spring) that hasn’t stopped us both for checking the listings in our preferred areas at least once a week.51hw0xt2pll-_sx258_bo1204203200_

I’ve been crazy busy keeping track of sports, including the start of Fantasy Football season and the World Cup of Hockey. 

Current Guilty Pleasure: Coffee. My new school is located right in a downtown area so once a week I’ve been treating myself to a nice coffee and a short walk through the downtown before work.


Current Thankfulness: I’m thankful that we have time for little adventures like we took last weekend. Even with a 4-mile detour, it was relaxing to get outside with Mr. LOAB, explore a new area, and talk about our future. Plus I’m grateful that we can end up taking a 4-mile detour and laugh about it instead of getting grumpy. For future reference I must always be the navigator. 




What makes you #LoveYourLife these days?


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